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Gant Naming

Braintree SignFollowing the naming in July 2011 of six gants and streets in Braintree town centre, a further two gants were added on 17 February 2012 with the blessing of Braintree District Council.

They are both to be found off Little Square and, although the gants are ancient, thay have never been named. 'Osborn's Gant' commemorates the family leather business that operated throughout the 20th century, and 'Pig's Head in the Pottage Pot Gant' records an ancient inn of that name. The latter invariably causes incredulity when mentioned on town history walks and talks, hence its choice.

On 8 August 2012 Market Street signs were replaced to show more of the street's ancient history. A gant that links the west end of Cressing Road with Coggeshall Road was named to commemorate the nearby, but recently closed, public house.

The term 'gant' is unique to Braintree and derives from the Flemish word 'gang' meaning alley. Flemish weavers brought their skills to the area in the early 14th Century.



Local history course

The Society's 'Braintree Past' free local history course of six weeks duration at the Alec Hunter Learning Village has been very popular covering the following subjects in illustrated lectures:

  • Origin and development of the town
  • Transport and buildings
  • Markets and shops
  • Manufacturing
  • Religion and recreation
  • Healthcare and education

This course is available together with more specialised subject continuation lectures, depending on numbers of participants, by contacting Mike Bardell on 01376 320173.




Walks and talks

Braintree walksThe Society sponsors guided walks of Braintree and Bocking for numbers up to fifty. 

Talks on a variety of local subjects, tailored to your requirements can also be arranged. These are illustrated using Microsoft PowerPoint.

For further information please contact Mike Bardell on 01376 320173.





'A Walk in the Footsteps of John Ray'

A free leaflet describing a 4½ mile walk around Ray landmarks in Braintree and Black Notley is now available from Braintree District Museum, Braintree Library and Braintree & Witham Times office.

Click here to download the leaflet

Future projects

Creation of a Local Heritage List, in conjunction with Braintree District Council, starting with the Courtauld built estate throughout the district